Yurt Links

Apparel & Merchandise:

Yurtopia Yurt shirts and more!

Homebuilt yurts:

Build Yourself A Portable Home On the Indestructibles Website

Yurt without Steel A homebuilt yurt for Burning Man

Calculations for Building a Traditional Yurt:

Yurt Notes Calculates the dimensions of yurt components

Composting toilets:

EcoWaters The experts! Composting toilet books and plans

Sun Mar Composting Toilets

Envirolet Composting Toilets

Clivus Multrum Composting toilets and greywater systems

BioLet Composting Toilets Swedish design

Nature’s Head Self-contained, waterless, urine-separating
composting toilets


Stephan’s Florilegium Discussion about yurts among SCA members

Information of Felt Tents, Yurts, Gers Felters’ discussion of gers


Feltmakers List FAQ Great links

The Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA)

International Feltmakers Association

North American Felters’ Network Publishes a newsletter

New Zealand Woolcrafts Society

The Storytelling Yurt


Mujaan (The Craftsman) A documentary of a Mongolian family building a ger.

The Silk Road series (6 vols) See esp. “Where Horses Fly Like the Wind”.

The Story of the Weeping Camel Moving tale of a Mongolian family and camel that unfolds around their ger.

Wild Horses of Mongolia Julia Roberts rides Mongolian horses and stays in a ger.


Yurtforum.com General yurt forum.


Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog everything you need to live with little or no electricity

Four Dog Stove Company – Portable wood stove recommended by Woodland Yurts and GoYurt Shelters

General Information:

Living in the Round

Yurt Quest The original yurt information page

Lar’s Yurt Page Always a favorite

The Freedom of a Yurt Covers the basics of purchasing and setting up a fabric yurt.

Insulation (natural):

Insulator Insulation made from recycled jeans

Off-Grid Lifestyles:

Tiny Life Supply Many great resources from solar to wind for off-grid or grid tie situations.

EcoWaters The experts! Composting toilet books and plans

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems

Real Goods Renewable Energy Systems

Center for Alternative Technology (CAT) Workshops, books and pamphlets

Chelsea Green Publishing

Dirt Cheap Builder’s Catalog Good off-grid resources.


Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Mongolia A good introduction

Mongolia Book List University of Akron

Mongolian Information Links University of Akron

Impressions of Mongolia Ex-pat Rogier Gruys details life, culture and customs in Mongolia

The Land of Genghis Khan National Geographic site documenting the journeys of a writer and photographer as they travel in the footsteps of the great Khan

Recreation and Travel:

There are numerous travel and rec. sites for yurts. Here’s a sampling:

Boojum Expeditions Travel Mongolia on horseback, stay in gers and meet local Mongolians. Includes resources on Mongolia.

Karakorum Expeditions Active adventures in Mongolia

Oregon State Parks They were the first. Over 200 yurts in parks and ever-so-popular.

Rental Yurts:

Simply Yurts Yurt rentals for London and the South of England.

Hooe’s Yurts Rentals For festivals and parties

Yurtel event yurts

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA):

SCA members pursue all things medieval, including annual reenactments and gatherings. They have been researching and building their own “camping” style of yurts for years.

Stephan’s Florilegium SCA discussions about yurts collected in one place

Dark Horde Moritu SCA subculture devoted to Medieval Mongolian culture

The Mongolian Yurt, Part I and The Mongolian Yurt, Part II may be downloaded from the SCA Publication
Sacred Spaces. .

The Construction of a Yurt Online paper written by SCA member Monica Cellio

Stay in a Yurt:

Colorado Yurt Company

Pacific Yurts


Used Yurts:

Yurt Classifieds

See also: Craig’s List, EBay

YouTube videos:

Mongolian Ger

Factory tour

Inside a Ger

Mongolian Cloud House

Felt Making

Yurt Up!

Hooe’s Yurts

Suburban Ger.

Tools and Yurt Fabrication:

Atelier des Trois Yourtes

Little Foot Yurts

Yurt Assembly:

Woodland Yurts

Pacific Yurts virtual build

Pacific Yurts assembly video

Oregon Yurtworks raising

Yurt Uses:

Atelier des Trois Yourtes

Pacific Yurts

Photo Albums:

Boojum Expeditions (Mongolian and Central Asian yurts)

Woodland Yurts

Yurts in Kyrgyzstan

Pacific Yurts

Nomad Shelter Alaska yurts

Rainier Yurts

Geolite Systems

Other Yurt Videos:

Mongolian Ger

Factory tour

Inside a Ger

Mongolian Cloud House

Felt Making

Yurt Up!

Hooe’s Yurts

Suburban Ger