Yurt Companies

Modern Fabric Yurts

Blue Mountain Yurts:  Yurt sales and support services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region, with standard yurts in a range of sizes and custom options.    www.bluemountainyurts.com

Blue Ridge Yurts:  Custom fabric yurts adapted to east coast and southern climates; made in Floyd, Virginia. Tel. 540.745.7458    www.blueridgeyurts.com / [email protected]

Blue Spruce Enterprise: Authorized Yurtco dealer for Eastern Canada, also sells alt. energy systems. Located in Ontario. Tel. 613.824-0839 / 613.298.2056   www.blue-spruce.ca / [email protected]

Buffalo Mountain Yurts:  A family owned business located in the mountains of Virginia. Tel. 276-266-6109    www.buffalomtnyurts.com / [email protected]

Colorado Yurt Company:  Building yurts, tipis and cabin tents since 1976 with generous standard features, durable construction and fully engineered designs. Located in Montrose, Colorado, shipping all over the world. Tel. 1.800.288.3190 / 970.240.2111   www.coloradoyurt.com

Laurel Nest Yurts:  Providing canvas covered yurts, support services, and assistance for do-it-yourself yurt builders. Located in North Carolina. Tel. 828.891.2412  www.laurelnest.com / [email protected]

Nomad Shelter:  Yurts designed for the Alaskan market with Lexan panel skylights, central stove placement and added insulation packages . Tel. 907.235.0132   www.nomadshelter.com / [email protected]

Freedom Yurt Cabins: The first designers of solid walled yurts that are competitively priced with fabric yurts.  They are all constructed with solid wood and insulation. Contact at [email protected] or (719) 362-3333 or visit their website for more information.

Outback Yurts:  Custom backcountry yurts with hand-peeled lodgepole pine rafters, designed for heavy snow loads. Located in Stanley, Idaho since 1978 Call (208) 774-3324 for information.

Pacific Yurts:  The largest manufacturer of fabric yurts marketing worldwide since 1978. Leader in innovation, with options for a wide variety of climates and uses. Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Tel. 1-800.944.0240 / 541.942.9435   www.yurts.com / [email protected]

Rainier Yurts:  Major manufacturer of fabric yurts, known for finely crafted woodwork and interchangeable wall panels. Includes a line designed for camping and backyard uses (see “camping yurts” below). Located in Seattle, Washington. Tel. 1-866.839-8787 / 425.981.1203   www.rainieryurts.com / [email protected]

Red Mountain Lodge Works“Solar yurts” with clear south facing panels and clip-in insulation, used on the highest elevation hut-to-hut ski route in North America. Made in Lake City, Colorado. Tel. 970.944.2269    www.hinsdalehauteroute.org / [email protected]

Shelter Designs:  Handmade yurts and flagship “EcoYurt”, using local sustainably harvested lumber and eco-friendly materials. Located in Missoula, Montana. Tel. 406-721-9878   www.shelterdesigns.net / [email protected]

WeatherPort Yurts: WeatherPort Yurt frames are made from metal and engineered to withstand 110MPH winds and 40 pounds per square foot (PSF) of snow load. www.weatherport.com 970-399-5909 860 1600 Road, Delta, CO 81416

Solongos CampModern fabric yurts for the Southeast Asian market, made in Kyunggi-Do, Korea. Tel.82-31-355-8030    www.solongoscamp.com / [email protected]

White Mountain Yurts:  Northeast US source for quality hand-built yurts. Located in Wakefield, NH. Tel. 603.396.9222   www.whitemountainyurts.com / [email protected]

Clean Air Yurts: A US based yurt manufacturer located in New Paltz, NY.  They specialize in light portable yurts and custom yurt homes.  www.cleanairyurts.com

YOURTE.CA:  Quebec company specializing high quality yurts using technologically advanced materials. Une compagnie Quebecois specialisee dans la fabrication de yourtes de haute qualite, avec des materiaux issus des plus recentes avancees technologiques. Tel. 418.907.9155(Qc) / 514.907.4500(Mtl)   www.yourte.ca / [email protected]

Yourte Contemporaine:  European distributor for Rainier Yurts, located in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France. Nice website photo collection. Tel. +33 (0)8 73 76 59 51 (Prix d’un appel local)   www.yourte-contemporaine.fr / [email protected]

Yurtco Manufacturing:  Canada’s leading yurt manufacturer, with log rafters for superior strength and a unique interlocking insulated floor. Located in Burnaby, B.C Tel. 1.866.498.7826   www.yurtco.com / [email protected]

Yurts of Hawaii:  Hawaii Distributor for Colorado Yurt Company; offers platform and permitting assistance. Tel. 808.982.9551   www.yurtsofhawaii.com / [email protected]

Yurts of America: Manufacturer of quality modern fabric yurts. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tel. 317.377.YURT (9878)    www.yurtsofamerica.com (Live Chat available!)

Camping Yurts

GoYurt Shelters:  Truly portable yurts, 13″ diameter, designed to be lightweight yet rugged. Innovative features allow for fast setup and easy transport. Located in Portland, Oregon. Tel. 1.877.4GO.YURT    www.GoYurt.com / [email protected]

The Nomad Yurt by ECOSHACK:  A designer yurt-inspired “outdoor room” that comes attached to its own floor. Manufactured in Los Angeles, California from solid core bamboo and nature friendly fabric. Tel. 323.463.5291    www.thenomadyurt.com / [email protected]

Rainier YurtsThe “Sparrow Yurt” in 12″ and 14″ diameters. Designed for easy assembly with an optional vinyl floor for camping. Seattle, Washington. Tel. 1.866.839.8787   www.rainieryurts.com / [email protected]

Traders of Tamerlane:  Handcrafted Yurts with a variety of customization options to make them suitable for both camping yurts and longer term habitation. Offered for sale, or for rental at your next special event. Based out of New Jersey. Tel. 609.403.0241 www.tradersoftamerlane.com / [email protected]

yurta.ca: Yurt-inspired 17′ structure designed for portability and easy set-up. Manufactured in Lanark Highlands, Quebec. Tel. 1.877.213.3099   www.yurta.ca / [email protected]

CampingYurts.com: An Oregon based yurt company that focuses on highly portable yurts.

Traditional Yurts

Adorjan Yurts:  Mongolian-style yurts hand-made in Hungary. Tel. +36 (0)27-383-821 / +36 (0)30-445-0780     www.adorjan-jurta.hu / [email protected]

Albion Canvas Co:  Classic tents from around the world, including yurts based on a Kirghiz design. Also sells custom covers for self-built yurt frames, groundsheets. Located in Devon, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1803-762230  www.albioncanvas.co.uk

Atelier des Trois Yourtes:  A French builder of Kirghiz-style yurts. Also sells furnishings and accessories. Tel. +33 (0)299-078478   www.yourtes.fr

The Authentic Mongolian Yurt Company:  Importing Mongolian yurts with 100% wool felt and custom canvas coverings for the UK, located in Monmouthshire. Also offers yurt raising workshops. Tel. +44 (0)1600 861856   www.mongolianyurts.co.uk / [email protected]

bigblukiwiyurts.com: Importing handmade Mongolian-style yurts to New Zealand and Australia for sale and hire. Wooden floors and a variety of decorative features available. Tel. +64 (0)9 431 5179 / 0064 21 320 722   www.bigblukiwiyurts.com / [email protected]

Bruton Yurt Company: U.K. builder of yurts based on the Mongolian design, in Somerset. Tel. +44 (0)7710 210289 (Mobile)   www.brutonyurts.com / [email protected]

Canvas & Cast: Imported Mongolian gers for sale and hire. Located in South Devon, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1626 363507   www.canvasandcast.com

FAM ZELTWELT:  Historical tents, tipis and Mongolian style yurts for sale and hire. Located in Diessenhofen, Switzerland. Tel: +41 (0)52.657.5858 / Mobile +41 (0)79.620.6506   www.zeltwelt.ch

Green Habitat Solutions:  Importing traditional Mongolian yurts with Australian canvas option for heavy rains. Located in Victoria, Australia. Tel: +61 (0)2 6687 0408 / 0428 777 058 (mobil)   www.greenhs.com.au / [email protected]

Groovy Yurts : Importing Mongolian yurts modified for the North American climate (Kazakh & Kirghiz as special orders) . Located in Quebec, with regular delivery tours in USA and Canada. Les yourtes importees directement de Mongolie (yourtes Kazakh et Kirghize sur commande seulement). Au Quebec. Tel. 1.888.GROOVYY    www.groovyyurts.com / [email protected]

Guangsha Tent Co: Chinese tent company with yurts for hire and for sale. “Ecotype” yurts use bamboo roof poles with aluminum and bamboo walls. Located in Jiangsu, China. Tel. +86 (0)519 88710963  www.guangshatent.com / [email protected]

Handmade Hardwood Yurts:  Craftsman built Turkic-style yurts and Alachi, groundsheets and felt insulation. Located in Wales, leads yurt building workshops. Builder Steve Place is author of the factsheet How to Build a Yurt. Tel. +44 (0)1691-780639   www.yurts.fsnet.co.uk / [email protected]

Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts:  Produces Turkic-style yurts for sale and hire, imports Kyrgyz yurts. Located in Glastonbury, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1749 860 708 / +44 (0)7753 838344    www.hearthworks.co.uk / [email protected]

Highland Yurts: Traditional yurts handmade using environmentally low-impact methods. Located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Tel. +44 (0)13397-42295 / +44 (0)7814051388 mobile   www.highlandyurts.co.uk / [email protected]

mongolische Jurten: Importing Mongolian yurts since 2000 for the European market. Located in Bonn, Germany. Tel. +49 (0)228 6299662 (Deutschland) / +41 (0)32 511 9612 (Schweiz)    www.jurte.info / [email protected]

Liber Tente:  A French couple builds traditionally-based yurts and tipis. Located in Aureille, France. Tel. +33 (0)6 23 14 40 65 / +33 (0)6 24 97 88 83   www.vivrelayourte.fr / [email protected]

Little Foot Yurts:  Located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, this Canadian couple makes a unique version of the traditional yurt and leads yurt-making workshops. Tel. 902 670.4556   www.lfy.ca / [email protected]

Milarepa ecocamp: Handmade all-weather Mongolian-style yurts with fitted covers, ash frames, washed felt insulation, and two layer insulated floor construction. Located in Oberentfelden, Switzerland. Tel. +41 (0)62 723 0467   www.milarepa-ecocamp.ch / [email protected]

The Mongolian Yurt:  Importing Mongolian gers for the German market. Munchen, Germany. Tel: +49 (0)89 139385-95 /    www.mongolyurt.com / [email protected]

Nooitmeerhaast:  Dutch and Mongolian manufacturers of authentic Mongolian gers. Euroyurts fabrication workshop in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia; sales and repair in Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands. Also offers workshops . Master-builder Froit is the author of The Real Mongol Ger Book. Tel. +31 (0)653 929777 Netherlands / +976 (0)99615548 Mongolia   www.nooitmeerhaast.nl / [email protected] / [email protected]

NYC Mongol: Imports Mongolian gers and cultural items for the SCA community; located in New York City. Tel. 212.771.1969   www.NYCMongol.com /[email protected]

The Really Interesting Tent CompanyA Devon, UK tent company specializing in yurts and tipis. Tel. +44 (0)1803 873297 / +44 (0)7843 447603 mobil   www.thereallyinterestingtentcompany.co.uk / [email protected]

Red Kite Yurts :  Kyrgyz-style yurts for sale and hire, yurt making workshops. Located in Perthshire, Scotland. Tel. +44 (0)1786 826 921   www.redkiteyurts.com

RENTS / FAM Group:  Manufacturer and distributor of FAM tents and Mongolian-style
yurts for sale and hire, based in Czech Republic. Distributors in France,
Great Britain, Holland, Denmark and Italy.
Tel. +42 (0)777 769 141 www.fam.cz / [email protected] / [email protected]

Richard Goodrick:  Environmentally aware craftsman in Snowdonia, North Wales, making a small batch of yurts every year. The yurts are ‘Gurt’ style, combining Mongolian and Turkic features. Also offers yurt building courses. Tel. +44 (0)7770 670 096   [email protected]

Roundhouse Yurts : Handcrafted Turkic-style yurts for sale and hire. Located in Herefordshire, UK. Tel. +44 (0)77 33 11 07 04 /+44 (0)77 95 35 74 14   www.theroundhouse.uk.com / [email protected]

Spirits IntentNomadic European yurt makers with a focus on campgrounds and commercial accounts. Specializing in yurt covers and “palace yurts“, with an online yurt cover-making course (contact for availability). Tel. +44 (0)7724 002176 (UK) / +33 (0)6 50 84 90 84   www.spiritsintent.com / [email protected]

Tara Yurts:  Kyrgyz and Mongolian-style yurts from coppiced and locally harvested wood, located in Herefordshire, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1497 831771   http://tarayurts.co.uk

Terravenir:  French makers of tipis and Mongolian-style yurts. Tel. +33 (0)4 67 57 87 82   http://terravenir.over-blog.com / [email protected]

Tio Pancho’s YurtsBased in Taos, NM, building artistic yurts with custom designs for travel and mobility. Tel: 505-577-4852   www.tiopanchosyurts.blogspot.com / [email protected]

Tobias Fairlove & SonsCoppiced-wood Turkic-style yurts for sale and hire, and yurt building workshops. Located in Devon, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1364 73726   www.tfairloveyurts.co.uk / [email protected]

Turkoman Gers: Turkic-style yurts and the unique “multiplex yurt”, for sale and hire.  Located in Gloucestershire, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1452 771212

VishaiAn L.A. based couple imports yurts from Mongolia to the U.S. with a foundation to benefit Mongolia’s nomads. Tel: 323.463.1107 / 323.841.2021   www.vishai.com / [email protected]

Wing Nin Chan:  Importing Mongolian yurts into the UK. Tel. +44 (0)7783 480611  [email protected]

Wildwood Yurts:  Mongolian-style yurts for sale and hire in two designs (substantial version for permanent applications, lighter version for portability). Located in Cumbria, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1931 712804   www.wildwoodcumbria.com / [email protected]

Woodland Yurts Co:  Producing Mongolian and Turkic-style yurts since 1991 in Somerset, UK. Builder Paul King is the author of The Complete Yurt Handbook. Basic plans available online. Tel: +44 (0)1275-879705   www.woodlandyurts.co.uk / [email protected]

Workshop Under the Hill: Turkic-style yurt maker in the Czech Republic with extensive website and photo gallery. Tel: +42 (0)723 257 915   www.yourtent.com / [email protected]

World Tents:  UK based supplier of yurts, domes and historical tents. Tel: +44 (0)1296 714555    www.worldtents.co.uk / [email protected]

Yurt Specialists: UK-based importers of Mongolian yurts. Tel: +44 (0)7787567179 / +44 (0)7968898945 www.yurtspecialists.com /  [email protected] / [email protected]

The Yurt Workshop:  Mongolian and Turkic-style yurts handcrafted in Andalucia, Spain, can be shipped worldwide. See yurt resource website AroundtheYurt.com . Tel. +34 (0)958 76 81 21   www.YurtWorkshop.com

YurtshopProducing handmade Turkman and Mongolian yurts using local chestnut and ash, for sale and hire. Located in East Sussex, UK. Tel: +44 (0)7758 747 289 / +44 (0)7894 403 951    www.yurtshop.com / [email protected]

Yutopia/Future RootsHandmade yurts for sale and hire, UK. Tel. +44 (0)1273 324740, +44 (0)7799 630027    www.yurtopia.co.uk / [email protected]

Yurts Truly Glouchestire, UK-based company making yurts for event hire and for sale, using locally coppiced wood. www.yurtstruly.co.uk / [email protected]

Yurtworks: Turkic-style yurts handcrafted in Cornwall, UK. Tel: (44) 1208 850670   www.yurtworks.co.uk / [email protected]

Yurts for Life: Supplier of handcrafted hardwood yurts for sale and hire in the UK and beyond. Located in Totnes, Devon. Tel. Daytime: +44 (0)7967 005715 / Evening: +44 (0)1803 605373   www.yurtsforlife.com

Tapered Wall Yurts

JADE Craftsman Builders:  Fine homebuilder that also builds yurts based on Bill Coperthwaite’s designs. Located on Whidbey Island, Washington. Tel. (360) 331-2964   www.jadecraftsmanbuilders.com /

The Yurt Foundation:  Established by Bill Coperthwaite in 1971, works with groups to build yurts as a part of a community or educational experience. Also sells plans. Write to: The Yurt Foundation, Dickinsons Reach, Machiasport, Maine 04655.

Frame Panel Yurts

California Yurts: The original designer of the modern engineered frame-panel yurt, working in California since 1976. Tel. 1-888-CAL-YURT   www.yurtpeople.com

Goulburn Yurtworks: Frame-panel yurts delivered as kits or erected for the client. A yurtfarm camp teaches farm and bush skills to children. Located in New South Wales, Australia. Tel: +61 (0)2 4821 5931   www.yurtworks.com.au

Mandala Custom Homes:  Round home kits prefabricated from responsibly harvested wood and non-toxic materials. Canada’s round home builder, located in Nelson, BC. Tel. 1.866.352.5503   www.mandalahomes.com / [email protected]

Mindful Living (formerly Oregon Yurtworks):  Prefabricated frame panel kits delivered to your site or erected for you. Located in Eugene, Oregon since 1982. Tel.1.800.211.8470 / 541.343.5330   www.yurtworks.com / [email protected]

Round Foot Homes:  Plans and support, with engineering available, for owner built round homes using prefabricated SIPs panels from local suppliers. Located in Bellvue, Colorado. Tel. 970.472.2394   www.roundfoothomes.com / [email protected]

Smiling Woods Yurts:  Handcrafted wood-panel yurt kits with a metal roof. Roof kits (for cob or strawbale walls) and wall plans available separately. Located in Twisp, Washington. Tel. 509.997.2181   www.smilingwoodsyurts.com / [email protected]

Solargon Structures:  Yurt-inspired octagonal buildings featuring pasive solar design. Pre-fabricated SIP panels allow for fast on-site assembly. Located in Loveland, Colorado. Tel. 303.619.4007   www.solargon-structures.com

Related Designs

Bamboo Living Homes:  Round homes made of bamboo in Paia, Hawaii. Tel: 808.572.1007   www.bambooliving.com / [email protected]

Bender’s BjurtsA yurt-inspired octagonal aluminum frame that “folds up like a camp chair.” Can be covered with a standard tarp. Tel: 808.572.1007   www.bendersbjurts.com

The circHouse: 20′ diameter hardsided home or greenhouse with steel frame and polycarbonate and acrylic walls. Goes up in half a day, no deck or foundation needed. Located in Denver, Colorado. Tel. 970.846.7565   www.circhouse.com

Deltec Homes:  Circular (conventional) homes with a modified roof truss system and internal rooms.  Tel. 1.800.642.2508   www.deltechomes.com

Geo-Lite Systems: Do-it-yourself plans for wood-framed, yurt-type structures with standard windows. Office in Los Angeles.  Tel. 310.216.0135   www.geolitesystems.com / [email protected]

Mountain Wind Yurts:Sturdy, light and easy to assemble kit. Portable and hard-sided, using steel construction with a fabric roof. Offering complete kits and installation. Based out of Cypress, Texas and Timberon, New Mexico. Tel. 281.807.3440 / Cell 281.627.3621    www.mountainwindyurts.com / [email protected]

YouTube Video

Red Sky Shelters: Produces the Yome, combining the shape of the yurt with the principles of the geodesic dome. In business since 1995 in North Carolina. Tel. 828.258.8417   www.redskyshelters.com

Shelter systemsInnovative living and gardening shelters, 14-30′ diam. Since 1976 in Menlo Park, CA. Tel. 650.323.6202  www.shelter-systems.com

Solargon: Energy-saving hexagonal structure designed to take full advantage of the sun. Located in Loveland, CO.

Yurt Covers & Replacement Fabric

Colorado Yurt Company:  Fabric wall and roof covers for 16-30′ yurts using heavy duty, industrial fabrics. Domes and compression rings also available.  Tel. 1.800.288.3190   www.coloradoyurt.com

Little Foot Yurts :  Canvas kit–you build the yurt frame, they’ll build the cover. Located in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Tel. 902.670.4556   www.lfy.ca / [email protected]

Sagebrush Tipi WorksCustom-fit replacement covers for fabric yurts, using 12 oz. marine Sunforger fabric. Located in Davenport, Washington.  Tel. 509.690.7303   www.sandpoint.net/sagebrush  / [email protected]

Spirits Intent:  Nomadic UK & European yurt makers specializing in custom yurt covers.  Tel. +44 (0)7724 002176 (UK) /