Yurt Costs

cost-calculator[1] There are many variables that determine how much a yurt costs.  The number one factor is the diameter of the yurt.  The larger the yurt, the more materials that are needed to construct it. Most yurt manufacturers offer several upgrades that add to the costs and may be necessary depending on your location and needs.   Costs can quickly add up with the more features you add.  You should ask the manufacturer what upgrades can be added later to cut down your initial costs.  Here are some common upgrades offered:
  • Insulation
  • Snow and/or wind reinforcement
  • Glass windows
  • Dutch doors
  • Standard or heavy duty roofs
  • Rain catchments

Delivery costs can add quite a bit to the total.  If your yurt is being shipped half way across the world or country, expect the freight charges to be hefty.  You may be able to save some money by picking up a yurt kit instead of having it delivered.

If you are looking to build your own yurt from scratch, then there can be significant cost savings, but of course you will be sacrificing some of your time.

Depending on what kind of yurt they build, yurt owners report a wide range of costs associated with yurts.  Some report building their own for under $1,000 whereas others who have purchased theirs from a manufacturer have reported well over $20,000!